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Are You Interested In Becoming A Sponsor/Partner on The Best R&B, Soul & Gospel  Radio Station in This Time

Internet Radio Station  WKDH  is owned by Ken and Diane Harden of Gainesville, FL. 

 The Hardens had a vision of going world wide with a musical format that has a great need in today's market. For too long the radio market has forgotten the individuals that, for the most part, control the bulk of the economic power  in the Entertainment  Business  .In fact,when you add up the money  spent on goods and services,  the average household will spend more than 90% of their income on goods and services( homes, cars, clothing and food). that expenditure comes out to approximately 3.8 trillion dollars


  WKDH mission is to serve  underrepresented areas in the vast communities of the world by providing education through blogs and newscast while concomitantly providing a musical format that is needed and wanted. WKDH plays R&B, Southern Soul , Jazz,and Gospel  music.



So you want to target clients that will patronize your business?  That's what we   do here  at WKDH.Our promise to you as a listener is we will not be surpassed by anyone with our musical selections. Our promise to current and potential advertisers is that we will be a staunch supporter of your products and will zealously present your ads to all potential clients.



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